Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Been stressful these weeks. My laptop broke, I fixed it, but keyboard on the laptop was on it’s way out (3 keys wasn’t working) and Maya has been crashing and forgetting my weight painting for the rigs I’ve made for Luisa’s film… regardless of the computer I use. Even she can’t open the weight paint maps for editing on her Mac. I got a new computer though so working is easier and I can work easier on Anja’s film.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on getting the rigging sorted for Luisa’s film. Everyone has been really busy with their own work and it’s hard to find someone who knows more about rigging than I do when it comes to fixing the rig (not saying I’m the best rigger but I know I'm good :D ). The problem seems not to be with the rig itself but with Maya for Mac and Windows.

What I’ve been told is that Maya for Mac and Windows is the same, however me and Luisa are getting to different problems that seems out of my hands to fix. The rig I made works perfect on my computer- the weight painting disappears sometimes but as the rigs are perfect there’s no need to edit them… so no problem there. The problem arises when the file is opened on Luisa’s Maya for Mac. When she animates the left hand alone on BOTH models grows to the size of the character itself, while on Windows the character works perfectly without issue or problems.

I’ve spent plenty of time but I can’t find anything wrong with the rig on my end and I' can’t replicate the problem. We’re meeting up tomorrow to fix this and worse comes to the worst, I’ll be lending her my old laptop (with the broken keys and a new Hard Disk which I installed to fix it when it broke down before).

Everyone’s been stressed these past few weeks as everyone starts to feel the crunch the last thing we need are software problems.

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