Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Update December

I've been sending the core team weekly bits of work to do so there's always work. Every Monday I send them a list of stuff and they email me back at the end of the week. This should keep production going through the holidays.

Hopefully everyone had a great Christmas and got everything they asked for... I didn't get the life-sized cut out of myself that I wanted :(

Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Tweaked with water some more. This test still isn't exactly what we want though so still more work!

Monday, 1 December 2008

Production Schedule

Everyone's been keeping up with the production schedule. Luisa is finishing the animatic and will be passing it onto our sound designer shortly. Danny is tweaking some concept work, Dan E has been working on texturing the tree model and i'm working on tests and dynamics. Things ok so far but we need to get things completed in time for Friday which looks like we'll only just make it assuming there's no problems with the animatic from our sound guy. The first sound test he did a while back was good some hopefully this one will be more of the same or with better sound (if possible!).

Group update

Everyones starting to feel the pressure of the firday hand in date. Work for this project is still getting done though. Luisa has done an awesome animatic which includes lots of changes. Such as the trees growing and flowers growing, which is why I need to keep working on the tree growth as they are now a bigger part of the film.

2 weeks ago we allowed preproduction to slow down for a week to allow for essays and the other projects on the course, it's good that was done as it's now all out of the way and no one in the group has an excuse why they shouldn't be giving 100% of their time to making this awesome film.

The recent changes to the film give the film more flow, and by removing the scene of creating the man from nothing makes things much easier for us as this was something I was worried about- creating 3 characters and using blend shapes to show him slowly forming would be time consuming for such a small part of the film.

Other changes that Luisa has made to the animatic give the film better flow and makes the film much easier to understand. She'll post it up soon so you'll be able to compare it with the initial storyboards and see what I'm talking about- check out her blog!