Saturday, 28 February 2009

Fish Test


Here’s a fish in the water. It’s looks a tad blocky which is due to the low resolution dynamics required to allow my laptop to render. For something amazing I need a computer from Pixar… or help. I’ll ask one of the techies for help- they’re closer :)

Got the model


Ajdin sent us the final version of the baby model. Only thing left is to texture it. I’m experimenting some quick textures and shaders (such as the one used about) to see if there’s anything interesting looking to discover. More importantly I’ve sent the model to both Dan’s to see how they will texture it. Luisa isn’t decided how she wants the character to look so we’ll have a look at all the test textures from the group and decide later when that happens.

Friday, 27 February 2009

Moe’s Project

Moe needs an explosion to happen and it needs to be low poly and look good. Here’s a scene I made featuring gravity, debris reacting to physics, and a hint of miracle.

Fishy In Water


Another test. I’ve added depth to the dynamics by weighting some and having darker tones at the bottom and lighter tones at the top. I’ll let it render the 600 frame test animation over night. These dynamics add massively to the render time!

Test Render

I’ve found a new way to post videos online- it takes up less time and allows me to choose 3 ways/services for displaying videos- I’m learning lots of new things about Live Writer. Blogging is kewl :).

Google’s Youtube: Everyone on youtube can view my videos.

MSN’s Soapbox: Has a privacy option, only people from this blog can see my video uploads there.

Hotmail Skydrive: I can choose who has access by group, individual or if you visited it from my blog or not.

I’ll be keeping this in mind when I decide where to upload them.

This video is a test render of the water falling from the brush (in previous storyboards) to create an ocean. The issue I am having is that the ocean doesn’t quite fill the screen as quickly as I would like it to. Hopefully Alex House or one of the other techies know how to do this.

Water Update

Trying out full HQ renders now. 700 frames takes ~10 hours on my laptop… we’ll definitely be using the computers in the animation department for rendering.

I’m having some issues with the water filling up space though. When it starts to fill the screen the CPU becomes overloaded with the amount of particles and slows down to the speed of a McDonalds waitress. I’ll ask one of the teckies for help on this one.

More testing/improving

Made a change to the water aiming to make it look more like water colour on paper. Luisa hasn’t seen it yet but it’s easy to change back. I tried some versions using Dans/Dannys water colour but they didn’t translate well when rendered.

The texture is done by using a custom tweaked mountain filter on both the blend nodes which is linked to the transparency setting and editing the primary colours… so it shows parts of the darker brown colours on parts creating a paper look.

If you understood that last paragraph, well done.

Also, installed Windows Live Writer to make blog posting easier and nicer…

Thursday, 12 February 2009


Mo wants me to do some modeling for his film. I've begun building some houses... war damaged ones. Still plenty of work and untextured but on it's way.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Cartoon fish!

here's the first test render using a toon shader

more fisheys

i decided to add some more detail and more fishes for animating


having a bit of fun with painting fish.

Creating Fish

Hand and Creating water

As a group we've been waiting for work from outside the group, unfortunatly the poor sod has loads of groups depending on him so we're still waiting for his model. In the meantime i'll be using a arm model I quickly made until we get the real model as it's a waste to add dynamics of physics and water to a model which would be replaced tomorrow (hopefully that's when we'll be getting the model).