Friday, 27 February 2009

Test Render

I’ve found a new way to post videos online- it takes up less time and allows me to choose 3 ways/services for displaying videos- I’m learning lots of new things about Live Writer. Blogging is kewl :).

Google’s Youtube: Everyone on youtube can view my videos.

MSN’s Soapbox: Has a privacy option, only people from this blog can see my video uploads there.

Hotmail Skydrive: I can choose who has access by group, individual or if you visited it from my blog or not.

I’ll be keeping this in mind when I decide where to upload them.

This video is a test render of the water falling from the brush (in previous storyboards) to create an ocean. The issue I am having is that the ocean doesn’t quite fill the screen as quickly as I would like it to. Hopefully Alex House or one of the other techies know how to do this.

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