Friday, 10 July 2009


Here’s my showreel. It’s in WMV so will play in Windows Media Player which is on any Windows PC or you’ll need VLC player (or similar if your on any other Operating System).

VLC (for Mac/Linux)


Sunday, 21 June 2009

Looking Back

Renders are complete and the films are done. The Light Of Us' turned out really well even though most of it was changed to 2D. The last week we were worried that we wouldn’t get rendered in time as the plugin’s used on the Mac After Effect’s didn’t work properly on my 2 laptops (my old repaired one and my new one). So the final render was made without the help of my laptops and I used these to help render Moe’s film in the end.

Moe’s film came out really well, there were a few glitches in the film and while I believe the film has reached its potential, there are a few tweaks here and there which could bring the film up to festival standard. Talking to other film groups, It seems no one had a perfect film to hand in, everyone had issues with rendering and some people are still dedicated to work on the film after hand in. I know I’ll be working closely with Moe to make sure all the visual effects are perfect for the Degree show and the festivals that we’ve submitted them to.

My housemate Anja’s film 1000 cranes is a great film, Anja would be working most day and nights to get things done throughout the year, It’s a shame I had so many problems with Maya crashing her files that I couldn’t help her with the final scenes I spent countless hours even to a point of using her Mac but nothing worked. I was excited to make a great scene with her exploding city….

People in Moe's and Luisa’s team worked so hard to make our final films great and if you guys are reading this well done dudes! Thanks for your hard work and well done for making an awesome film!

Thursday, 18 June 2009


I’ve had to baby all 4 render computers in the house throughout the night as some of them fail at random points and end up with a ‘’ file. So I have to continue rendering from frame 203. This rendering should have been done on schedule yesterday but this ng thing has been happening for a while slowing us down. It’s almost done so will be fine.


The Maya programming error is an odd one.. like every other textures it’s correctly linked up but won’t render- even Maya says it’s found the textures but it won’t render it. Moe may have to render it and composite it.



Stopped rendering again, Clicking on ‘reload’ on the barrel textures fixes it for a bit before this error is shown again. Anyways, rendering is getting though as it’s still rendering frames. The other 2 computers are rendering smoke dynamics and frames are being sent to Moe.

Render update

More renders being made, and I’m sending them up to Moe via messenger as they go. The current renders are special effects to layer over the scenes.

Rendering Update

Good, lots of frames and scenes finished last night. One failed near the end for some reasons producing a ‘frame’ file name (i’m guessing ng means no good).