Saturday, 6 June 2009

Moe Dynamics

Found a tutorial on soft bodies, this is useful stuff as there’s a lot of sand that would deform in real life. The advantage of applying a ‘soft body’ along with gravity/drag fields is that characters and objects can deform the environments/terrain. Here’s a test with the car. If It isn’t too hard I’ll add it to the car for this scene so Moe can consider using it. Here’s a tutorial on it: though you’ll still need to add a drag field and some more tweaks to get the effect above and with flat surfaces. Above is my test for the car on the ground… I don’t have the sand texture from Moe (I don’t need any textures for dynamics) so i’ve applied my own to better demonstrate what’s going on. Ignore the grit and random objects in the video… I’m still putting all the dynamics together so the scene looks a bit iffy.

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