Thursday, 11 June 2009


Here are two tests of the exploding building. Most of the animation is done using nCloth and keyed cached files. Some specific parts such as the barrel that disintegrates in stages had to be key framed as well as some of the geometry inside the building. Each part of the scene had to be cached to keep CPU time low. In total there are over 7 different cached animation groups each with their own cache for the individual objects which had to be combined together as one mesh. I used the same smoke technique to create the smoke on the feet to make the brown smoke that stays on the ground simulating here dust and sand has been raised from the ground. The actual explosion is a preset alone (just the fire part) is a preset effect in the visor which I’ve re-keyed and scaled to match the scene. If I can make my own one which is better I’ll use that but for now, the one I’m using now will be adequate. The top video is the explosion in slow motion (the computer is going as fast as it can and is playing every frame without skipping) and the second video is 24fps mode. However, I still can’t get the playblast working and this is where It would be really useful. I’ll post a playblast if I get the Maya feature working.

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