Friday, 12 June 2009


Here’s the current animation for the scene in Moe’s film. I’ve had to use Fcheck again for this, but even though the file played fine when it first made it, it somehow corrupted or Fcheck has an error or something as it reports half the frames as missing by displaying a grey image and ‘???’ at the top under image number. Reloading them from frame 0 seems to make it work though. Anyways, here’s the animation play blast- including me reloading it to allow it to resume playing the playblast.

There’s a bit more, but for now this should give you an idea of the scene. The girl arrives on scene in time to see people flee from a truck. On the truck a man launches a missile which hits and destroys the house, the girl is witnessing everything happening. I’ve just been discussing the scene and camera angles I done with James and explained what needs to be animated by him scene by scene- I’ve keyed out the character positions in the scene with some walk cycles from Harry and he’ll be animating them and posing characters.


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