Saturday, 30 May 2009


We missed the meeting earlier on in the week so we made up by having a group meeting on Friday. Moe told us whats happening with the film and we all showed each other were we all are. I've been overloaded with work... the rig I made for Luisa has small issues- skin weights on the right and left arm are crossing over with the torso. Maya keeps losing the weights part of the file when it feels like it so It's been taking so much time as I have had to weight the ENTIRE body from scratch when it forgets... when it forgets it also forgets the older versions of the file at random too. It took me a day (including the night and early hours of the morning) just to get the rig sorted- after spending a few days rigging it over and over. Why can't Maya be more like MS Paint and not crash or mess up my files. urgh, anyways, back to work I go.

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