Sunday, 17 May 2009

1000 Cranes- Anjas Film

I’ve been working on explosions for Anja’s film ‘A thousand cranes for peace’ but works going so slow because of the scene complexity and I don’t know why this scene is so complicated- it’s a simple 2D animation with flat surfaces only.

I know what’s causing Maya to take up so much RAM to keep the scene in memory but I don't know why it’s been done like this.. each flat polygon in this scene is filled with LOADS of polygons- they don’t add detail. It looks like someone ran a shatter plug-in for every object to prepare them for an explosion and then left it like that.

I hope there’s another version of the file that doesn’t have all of these polygons as this file is slowing any dynamics I add to the film and making it a horrible file to work with- Maya is taking up all my RAM!


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