Sunday, 24 May 2009

1000 Cranes- explosion

Ok, Anja is my housemate, and we frequently talk to each other about the films we’re working on. I said I’ld help her out with some complex parts of the film. One part i’m animating is an explosion which is complex but shouldn’t be something hard for me- I’ve done plenty before for Moe’s film and with this film having a 2D look, everything should be easier.

But I swear that Maya is playing some kind of psychological warfare on me. I’ve spent hours removing vertices and checking as I go along that it’s helping the scene work dynamics out quicker and all seems well. Now that it’s all done, Maya decides to crash when I open the file. I’ve been saving along the way but Maya just crashes at random stages at these points to. If I try to make dynamics without simplifying the scene it takes ages to move to the next frame- If i decided to wait until frame 8 (7 minutes) Maya decides to crash. It only decides to crash when I’ve done work on the scene and not a moment before.

It’s true! I’ve even filmed it. In the video you see me innocently making the scene. I apply an ‘ncloth’ to an object and everything is fine. I then decide to apply it to another object and Maya crashes. Why can’t Maya be more like other software like Photoshop or even notepad and not crash???

You can’t see it in the video but after clicking ‘ok’, Maya closes itself.

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