Thursday, 21 May 2009

whoa- a stressful week

Ok, I went round to Luisa’s a few days ago to show her how to animate my rig. When I turned on the laptop I got the dreaded blue screen of death for the first time! Scary. When I got back home my hard drive was making a weird click noise and so it turned out that my laptop Hard Drive was broken.

So I’m always prepared for the worst, I ordered a new Hard Drive for the laptop and connected up the backup external Hard Disk to my friends computer to check that my work was all backed up… It’s lucky I backed up my computer a few days ago. Anyways, turned out that my backup Hard Drive that had the only copy of my Maya work/photos/videos- etc everything was broken.

In a panic I ripped the Hard Drive out of the external caddy and plugged it into a friends computer, ran a diagnostic check which fixed the file system and managed to recover my entire computer.

I always keep a backup just in case but it’s never happened where both the backup and laptop hard drives fizz out on the same week! Anyways, everything is fixed now and I’m catching up with Maya work, but I've been without a computer for the best part of this week and I’ve been using Anya's old slow laptop to get work done.

We also had a group meeting on last Monday to refresh everyone on their roles and Moe set us all deadlines. I’m working through the night to get it all done in time!

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