Saturday, 25 April 2009

Extra Models

Moe decided to go back to the pitched version of the film- as a group we all support the decision. The bad part of this is that it means more work for all of us (BRING IT ON). I told Moe that copying the same model in the same scene to populate the village wouldn’t work well even if they are blurred slightly as they would look to similar and that new models would need to be done. However, with the time we have this would be an issue. I’ve been learning Autodesk Mudbox that goes hand in hand with Autodesk Maya. Using Mudbox I can morph and sculpt from a base model (I'd use Moe’s main film character) to create similar looking characters. I first observed this technique on the Incredibles DVD extras- they made a generic model which they morphed to create unimportant generic characters. The advantage of this is that we end up with lots of different looking characters/models in a relatively small amount of time.

Here are the first versions of the characters all sculpted from the original model- on the first image. The eyes are in a similar position so rigging should be easy… these characters wouldn’t need to talk anyways.

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