Thursday, 19 March 2009

Trying out Shaders

woman kl

I’m working on some shaders and I like how this one turned out. I don’t know if I uploaded my earlier tests (I need to look at what I posted more often) but they were VERY CPU intensive so such effect that it would be very slow and hard to animate characters with. The old method had dynamic particles to fill a characters mesh. This method applies a transparent layer over the character. Luisa made a strong point that the texture/shader used would have to somehow make the main character look elevated and more important than everything else. I’ve done this by adding the spectacular mental ray scattering around the body. The character isn’t white because of a light behind it… that light is coming from the character! I’ll apply this to the other character- the main one and see how this looks. Oh and like the old method, this character’s skin is animated… it looks like its made out of constantly moving water.

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