Monday, 30 March 2009

Texturing the building

Capture Moe’s images have been really useful, although they are really only a starting point. Searches on youtube and playing games for (a-hem) research, show that lighting is an important part for the textures… one thing I noticed while playing Far Cry (for research) was that HDR- High Dynamic Range is used a lot for the buildings and scenery. In the game, the designers paid attention to how lights effects textures- the game takes place in Africa where sunlight changes the look of the scenery.

I’ve worked on making the textures for the ruins detailed as possible and assigned the correct shader and assigned HDR for the ground only atm- you’ll notice details can only be seen in darker areas.

Still tweaking but i’ve finally figured shaders and texturing together out well. I still need to take better photos for textures and one for the cloth at the top.

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