Thursday, 6 November 2008

Changes and revisions to the storyboard

Developement in the film is good so far. I've had a bash at creating block outs for the scenes to get and idea of how the film looks and whats happening and as a result we've changed the storyboard a bit.
We've also been debating on narration, on showing my housemates the (extreamly rough) animatic they couldn't understand what was happening. This worried me so we'll be keeping close attention on how we can improve on the clarity of the storyline as we progress though preproduciton. If it's still not clear enough when the film is finished we'll prob add a narration to it, so it's nothing to worry too much about.
As a producer things have been going along well, contact between the group has been easy and we've been having frequent group meetings to ensure that everything is working well and everyone feels good with what they're working on. Everyone has lots of work on their sholders including work from other groups but seem to be managing fine with it all.

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